World church communication challenges (Keynote 1)
Williams is the world communication department director of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. 


 Creative Disciples in the community with creativity and innovation  (Keynote 2)
As the Web Manager for Adventist World Radio, Marvin’s time is best spent positioning AWR’s content for any device connected to the web. AWR is affiliated with studios/stations around the world producing programs in over 80 languages. Known for his ability to provide creative direction, he has lead teams through various project life cycles of development, design, and testing. Marvin earned a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Atlantic Union College in S. Lancaster, Massachusetts and an MBA in E-business from the University of Phoenix. Though a native of Maryland, Marvin holds both Canadian and American citizenship. He currently lives in Laurel, Maryland with his lovely wife Shanthi Follow @awrweb.
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 Creative Disciples in the community with well-written news 
Ansel Oliver, editor of the Adventist News Network, is a journalist and a professional photographer. He previously covered City Beat as a reporter for the Roseville-Press Tribune newspaper in Roseville, California. In addition to mentoring students and young journalists, he teaches workshops on how to more effectively present news and images to hold the attention of readers and keep the trust of stakeholders. He earned a master's degree in journalism from San José State University, a professional photography certificate from the Washington School of Photography, and a bachelor's degree in communication from Pacific Union College. Check out his blog, which is designed for religious journalists of multiple skill levels:
 Creative Disciples in the community with consistent media relations 
Garrett Caldwell is the chief public relations officer of the General Conference of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. He previously served in different positions as assistant to the president for communication at the Upper Columbia Conference in Washington State, as communication director for Potomac Conference and as a local church pastor in that region and in the state of Oregon. Caldwell holds a doctorate of ministry from Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C. and also has graduate-level training in communication from American University in Washington, D.C.  
 Creative Disciples in the community, with a passion for service (Montemorelos University)
Professor Thelma is a social communicator who graduated from the Plata Adventist University in Argentina, her native country. In 2003, she served as a missionary in Bolivia alongside her husband Walter. In her professional journey, she has worked as a producer and teacher in the area of strategic communication. She is an active member of various professional communication associations and networks in Latin America and has spoken at various international forums. She has a master’s degree in organizational communication from the Complutense de Madrid University in Spain and is currently the communication director at Montemorelos University in Mexico, where she also leads the School of Arts and Communication. She enjoys traveling and collecting rocks in her spare time.

 Creative Disciples in the community, with a positive image (Northern Caribbean University)
Everett Wiles is a die-­‐hard media professional with some 15 years experience in television production, education and media management. His media career started in the early nineteen nineties when he was an integral contributor to the establishment of a media department at West Indies College now Northern Caribbean University (NCU). Not feeling satisfied with his educational goals Mr. Wiles went to New York by the mid nineties where he completed his Bachelor of Arts degree with Honours (1999) and a Master of Arts degree with distinction (2000) in Communication Arts from the New York Institute of Technology.
In 2009 Mr. Wiles was asked by the NCU administration to be the Acting Managing Director of the newly established NCU Media Group. This new entity was set up to oversee the operations of the university’s all island radio station NCU FM, its all-­‐island cable channel NCU TV and its media production unit which has been serving numerous clients over the last ten years. Mr. Wiles is married with two children and enjoys motor sports, movies and tinkering with new technologies in his spare time.
 Institution Talk (Hope Channel)
Brad Thorp is a pastor who has a heart for teaching God's Word. He's traveled the world preaching and sharing the hope that is found only God. He is currently Hope Channel President and hosts Battle for Beginnings, an interactive live program on Hope Channel launching in January 2012.
 Five CommTalk Speakers


 Creative Disciples in the church with the appropiate media and technology (Keynote 3)
Mark A. Kellner is a veteran journalist who has served the Seventh-day Adventist Church since 2003. He is the author of three published books, including a "For Dummies" volume, and has written a weekly column on technology for The Washington Times since 1991. Currently he serves as News Editor for Adventist Review and Adventist World magazines.
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 Creative Disciples in the church with a clear strategy
Andre Brink is currently associate communication director for the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, responsible for video production. Prior to this he held the positions of communication director for the  Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division, and director of SIDmedia, the Division’s media centre based near Cape Town, South Africa. A Business Marketing graduate, he ran his own video production and interactive multimedia business for fourteen years before being called to the media ministry in 2004.  His passions are sharing the gospel through technology, especially filmmaking; spending time with his family, and scubadiving -among other kinds of sports.

Creative Disciples in the church with an integrated message
 Creative Disciples in the church with resourceful websites
Andrew King is an assistant director of Communication at the Seventh-day Adventist world church headquarters, where he leads in the design and development of public facing websites. He brings a multidisciplinary background of video, audio, and writing to the task of sharing ‘Who are Seventh-day Adventists?’ on the Web.

 Institution Talk (Adventist World Radio)
Pastor Dowell Chow is noted for his wide administrative experience, including positions as chief financial officer/treasurer of the Columbia Union Conference in Maryland, president of the New Jersey Conference, stewardship and trust services director as well as senior pastor in Puerto Rico, and publishing house administrator in Venezuela, among many other roles over the years. He served on several boards of directors in the area, including Washington Adventist University, Adventist Health, and Washington Adventist Hospital, and additional health entities in New Jersey. Since 2010 he is the president of Adventist World Radio.

 Five CommTalk Speakers
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